IPMARCH Intellectual Property Law Firm is subordinate to Beijing Keen & Done (Jingda) Law Office, and is a firm focusing on IP field- from patents, trademarks and copyright needs to dispute resolution and litigation. Founded in 1998, we have established ongoing relationships with our clients and associates home and abroad and are now mature and experienced in resolving IP issues for our clients at cost-effective solutions.

We approach all aspects of patent, trademark, and copyright matters with in-depth knowledge of the Chinese IP systems as well as that abroad. The wealth of litigation and technical experience of the firm’s attorneys and staff enables the firm to tailor its services to the unique needs of each client and to deliver the highest quality representation to clients.

Also, we are the members of various domestic and international organizations such as CTA, FICPI, INTA, AIPPI, AIPLA, which enable us to know the IP world better and serve the client more efficiently.

After years of growth, we now have established branches and offices in several most developed provinces on the eastern coast of China including Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Guangdong province, to meet the increasing requirement from the clients in Eastern China, and also we are now planning to launch more offices in inner China in recent 5 years for catering to the expanding inner market.


Bringing perspectives and valuing ideas, we have been working hard to protect the product of people’s mind, with trusted IP services.

Our philosophy


Our lawyers, attorneys and agents always follow the 3E principle. With great enthusiasm, they make every effort to act efficiently and bring vision to your intellectual property world.


With broad legal experience and technical expertise, our patent and trademark attorneys is dedicated to carry out made-to-order IP protection strategy for client and associates home and abroad. They have helped thousands of innovators define, perfect and protect their IP right.


Our skilled attorneys, lawyers and highly trained engineers base upon Chinese IP reality, while always keep close connection with the world outside. We cooperate well with client and associates from all over the world in obtaining and reinforcing IP right for our clients in China and internationally.

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